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We're starting off the new year with a bang! We have an extensive inventory of used restaurant equipment for sale. Gain amazing savings buying used and get a free warranty, parts and labor of three years. How often can you find a worry free purchase on used restaurant equipment for sale, and save mega bucks in the the process? Contact us for more information.

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Fleet Vehicles For Sale!

FOR SALE!  Fleet vehicles that are various makes and models for sale. Some are equipped with roof racks and internal storage bins. Come by and check out these well maintained fleet vehicles or call 210-520-6640.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance reduces your repair costs and cuts unexpected downtime.  It is a long established fact, much like the old saying goes "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". Nothing is worse than equipment failure and downtime, except for not preventing it from happening. Call us at 866-979-7947 to discuss a taylored program to suit your needs.

This is your greatest problem …

LOOK!  This is your greatest problem when it comes to Repairs and Maintenance. Do you know what this is?  This is a Hobart 60-quart mixer. New, this thing costs between 15 and 25 thousand. This mixer was given to me free by a major pizza chain in Texas. Why would someone give me a mixer worth thousands of dollars for free?  The easy answer is because it was broken and not working. But still: they gave it to me for free!!!!  I plugged this mixer in and sure enough [...]