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The founder of The Restaurant Repair Company. He started the business in 1992 with the goal of serving the restaurant community of Texas. We can proudly say that he has achieved that goal. We are now operating in every major metropolitan area of the great state of Texas.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Preventative Maintenance
San Antonio, Texas


OK, So, I’m going to talk to you about preventative maintenance, or PM. You know when people call us for preventative maintenance we have to ask them do you want a real PM, or do you want a fake one. And they always go … “what do you mean by that?” Look you know, if you have 27 or 30 pieces of equipment, there is nobody in the world that can give you a PM for a hundred dollars every quarter, or probably two hundred dollars every quarter. If you want a real PM, that really has so chance of saving some of the components on some of you equipment, and mostly when we talk about Pos, I’m not a big fan of restaurant equipment. I’m a big fan of ice machines, air conditioning, refrigeration, things with compressors on them, because that’s expensive stuff. A compressor can go out, and it’s what, 500 – 1000, 2000 dollars for that. That’s the stuff you want to save.

You know when it’s PM, it’s just, first of all, you don’t want to send an idiot to do that, and almost all of my competitors do. They send the cheapest guy they have, and they say “go change the filters, go change the belts, and go look at this”.

When we do a PM, I send the smartest guy that I have. Because PM means, yeah … changing the filters, changing the belts, but it also means looking at the unit. Are there any condenser or fan motors that are turning backwards? Is the compressor frosting up? Do we want to look at the contact points of the contactors? And make sure their not brown or pink? Because that will take out your compressors, or condenser motors. OK. We want to take a look at the fan belt … we want to amp up … It’s complicated, there is a lot to it, you know.

When I go on the roof, I use four out of five of my senses. I feeling the roof to see if it is vibrating, I’m listening for sounds, OK, I’m smelling things, I’m really … as a professional, I’m looking at a lot of things. So it’s not any idiot can do it. But if you want PM and you have a big organization, yes it does save money, but you have to do it right. You can’t do it for 200 dollars a quarter.

Depending … and we’ll go out and duck it for free if you want. If you have any questions about PM, commercial kitchens, HVAC, no matter what it is in a restaurant, Call me, I’m Ted Baker, and my phone number is 866-979-7947 Call me anytime. Thanks.


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