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The founder of The Restaurant Repair Company. He started the business in 1992 with the goal of serving the restaurant community of Texas. We can proudly say that he has achieved that goal. We are now operating in every major metropolitan area of the great state of Texas.

Refrigeration Repair Service
San Antonio, Texas

Lets talk about refrigerators. You have lots and lots of refrigerators in your restaurant. You’ve got a walk in refrigerator, maybe a walk in freezer, maybe some under the counter refrigerators, and maybe some stand up refrigerators.

Let me tell you something absolutely amazing. You can have you refrigerators malfunction where there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. If you call the wrong refrigeration guy, if you call a refrigeration guy that doesn’t know about restaurants, he can spend hours and hours and hours at your restaurant, billing you for all of those hours, when there is nothing wrong with your restaurant.

What the hell am I talking about? We’re talking about make up air. You know what make up air is. Right, OK. We’re talking about your restaurant being balanced. Having positive or negative air pressure. You know. If your restaurant has a problem with the make up air, or even the air conditioning, you know I’ve had walk in refrigerators that go down, they are too warm and there is nothing wrong with them. The problem is the AC at the front door is at 80 degrees. So every time we open that front door, to that walk in refrigerator, all that cold air comes down at the bottom, and all that 80 degree air is sucked in. So there was never anything wrong with their refrigerators. It was just the AC.

But unless you have experience in restaurants, and unless you know about make up air and unless you know about air being balanced, you can call the wrong people. So here is what I suggest to you when you have a refrigeration problem… Number One … Call us! We know what the heck we’re doing, Restaurant Repair Company. But if you can’t call us, or you don’t want to call us, or I don’t know, you’re experiencing temporary insanity, and you call somebody else. OK. Then ask them two questions. Ask them: Do you know what make up air is? See if they have an answer for that. And then ask them, do you know how to balance my restaurant for a positive air pressure. Because you do want positive air pressure in your restaurant. Those are my two great freebie suggestions for you. So if you need a free estimate, or you just want to talk … Call me, I’m Ted Baker, and my phone number is 866-979-7947 Call me anytime. Thanks.


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