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The founder of The Restaurant Repair Company. He started the business in 1992 with the goal of serving the restaurant community of Texas. We can proudly say that he has achieved that goal. We are now operating in every major metropolitan area of the great state of Texas.

Water Filtration Service
San Antonio, Texas

Hi, I’m Ted Baker with the Restaurant Repair Company and I’m here today to talk about water filters. In the restaurant business, water filters are really, really, really important. OK. Whenever you make water very very cold, like in ice machines, or you make it very very hot, like in steamers, you are doing a process called distilling water. And what that means is, we’re separating the minerals from the water, from the water itself. OK. And what happens is, in the case of an ice machine or a steamer, those minerals attach themselves to the metal in your machine. OK, in the case of your ice machine, it makes your ice machine incredibly dirty. In the case of your steamer, they clog up and build up inside that steamer. So, we don’t want this to happen.

You can eliminate this in one of two ways. OK. One way is to have a water filter on both of those machines. And you want to change it every single six months. And you don’t, no disrespect to Home Depot or Lowes, but you don’t want a nineteen dollar Home Depot water filter.

You’re going to need a 2 or 3 hundred dollar water filter, if you want to solve that problem. But I’m going to tell you another secret. A million years ago, when I was a little tiny baby technician, and I was still learning a few things, I had this Chili’s Restaurant, here in San Antonio, at 410 and Summit. And their damn ice machine never got dirty. I wanted to clean it. And I kept looking every time, no matter what I went to that Chili’s for, I would look at the ice machine because I was waiting for it to get dirty. And it never got dirty. It was a Hoshizaki, those things get filthy. You know, and I couldn’t figure it out.

But I did figure it out, and I found out that the building had a water softener. If you want to save a ton of money, and I don’t even do this, I don’t make any money on this, get a water softener for your building. That will eliminate a lot of the minerals. You put a water softener in your building and you put a water filter on your system, and we’ll probably never clean that machine. Just a thought. That’s water filtration, and you know that San Antonio is bad, Austin is not much better. So if you need a free estimate, or you just want to talk … Call me, I’m Ted Baker, and my phone number is 866-979-7947 Call me anytime. Thanks.


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